Heart of Steamboat United Methodist Church of Steamboat Springs
Message from our Pastor
Rev. Tim Selby, Pastor
Name Change

I have recently proposed a name enhancement for our church. Our current name, United Methodist Church of Steamboat Springs, is a denomination and a location. It really does not speak to the gifts and graces that this congregation has brought to this community for so long. This Sunday, I proposed changing our name to, "Heart of Steamboat - United Methodist Church. I explained why I love "Heart of Steamboat" for our church, including the following things:
* In 1901 our ancestors built a church in the very heart of Steamboat Springs....and this church has engaged in ministry from the corner of 8th and Oak Street for 116 years.
* Not only have we been physically in the heart of Steamboat, the people who have been a part of this church have been part of the heart and soul of this community. The ranchers, miners, business people, school-teachers etc...have been at the heart of Steamboat Springs.
*We are a church in the heart of Steamboat, with a heart for Steamboat.

We know in the modern landscape that denominationalism and institutianalism do not attract new people, they actually become a deterrent. I believe we need a name that speaks to who we are and that offers an inviting and hospitable sentiment. In 1951 the people of this church tore down the original church building in order to build a new one. For nearly a decade they held services in the fellowship hall while they raised money and found a way to build the new church that we are in today. They engaged in this bold task because they thought not only of themselves but of the future of the church. And now the legacy is ours. I think we owe it to them to step boldly into the future just like they did. Jesus said, "You cannot put new wine into old wineskins or the wineskins will break and the wine spilled." We need flexibility if we are to offer vibrant ministry in a rapidly changing world. I go into this in great detail in my sermon from Sunday, May 13th. If you were not here you can find it on the  on the sermon tab.

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