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Eco-Ministry Team Mission

With goals of learning and sharing how best to care for and respect God's creation, The Green Team, was started earlier this year. The Green Team will seek to lead our congregation to enter into a thoughtful commitment to God’s creation because we are all interconnected -- humans, the environment and all living beings. The group desires to help us learn how we can live in harmony with our environment, starting with improving green practices and reducing energy use in the church building. All are invited to join, help with, and provide input. Contact Kate Nowak, 819-0570, Kfnowak49@gmail.com or  Suzie Romig at suziecr@q.com
YVEA Launches Energy Efficiency Rebates
Update from the Eco-Ministry Team 2017
Cen$ible Energy Rebates Opened January 1
    The Cen$ible Energy rebate program provides cash rebates for energy-saving LED lights, four types of Energy Star-certified appliances, programmable thermostats, energy audits and post-audit air sealing. Rebates are available for Yampa Valley Electric Association members to improve energy efficiency in their homes or small businesses. This popular and beneficial program opened again on January 1, 2017. Save your receipts and fill out a form online for rebates. Please visit www.CensibleEnergy.org for full details. For questions, email suzie@yvsc.org. A list of other energy efficiency resources is available at www.yvsc.org/programs/energy-programs/energy-efficiency.

We hope you’ll join the Eco-Ministry Team in helping to reduce unnecessary waste in the kitchen operations as much as possible. So, we kindly ask …

  • Please try to use the existing real silverware and dishes in the kitchen as much as possible look for the posted directions for the dishwasher.
  • For special events and large meetings, please try to add a volunteer who will help utilize, wash and put away the real silverware and dishes. A black bus tub and several rolling carts are available to collect dirty dishes.
  • Please refrain from bringing Styrofoam serving items into the kitchen. Food-grade Styrofoam does not biodegrade and is not recyclable.
  • Please take advantage of the multiple recycling containers and note the current recycling guidelines.

THANK YOU! the Eco-Ministry Team volunteers


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